Sensory group feedback task

This feedback task works best in a group feedback setting.  It’s a little off the wall but can be great fun and sometimes very illuminating too.  It works well in that there are no right or wrong answers although teachers need to be aware that they may have to explain their answers.  There is usually a lot of discussion on why certain answers were chosen.


  1. Ask the participants to reflect on the lesson and complete the table individually. You may want to use some of the examples below if they are struggling with the concept.
  2. The tables can be read out to the group, given to the teacher for private reading or you may ask the group to read the different ones and decide on just one as a type of pyramid task.
Sounded like… Felt like… Looked like… Tasted like…  Smelt like…
 My care driving over gravel A bubbling Jacuzzi  

A multi-layered decorated chocolate cake


Ginger beer – spicy and fizzy An airport perfume shop

Sensory Feedback Handout

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