Reflective Feedback Handout

The teacher’s self-reflection sheet is completed after teaching and before the feedback. On initial training courses, we ask for them immediately after the lesson. They are very useful as they allow you to see how the teacher feels about the lesson if they can pick up their strengths and weaknesses etc, which in turn can guide how you deal with the feedback. It may not be necessary to cover something in feedback that the teacher shows they are fully aware of. Sometimes when I feel the teacher’s understanding of the lesson is very different from my own, I annotate the sheet, perhaps with leading questions or comments and return it to the teacher before oral feedback. This gives the teacher a chance to process and reflect on the observer’s take on the lesson and can reduce any unwanted surprises.

You may also find that teachers tend not to fully fill in the first box, the most successful elements of the lesson as they are modest or worried about ‘getting it wrong’.   In these cases I often return the sheet and ask for it to be completed fully, pointing out that there good things in every lesson.


Sample teacher self reflection sheet download

Teacher Name




What aspects of your lesson today were successful? What made them successful?



What progress do you feel you have made?



What aspects of the lesson were less successful? Why?



What would you change if you taught this lesson again?



What would you like to ask about? What are you still unsure about?




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