Secret Feedback

This activity works well groups of observers. The idea is to elicit impressions of the lesson and to give the teacher a personalized and written record of the feedback.  It’s supposed to be secret but most people can work out who said what! If you give everyone the same color pen and mix the papers up at the end you might keep the secrecy

  • Give each person in the group one piece of A4 paper with a reflection prompt written at the top
  • Let everyone know that their comments may be read out so be gentle with each other!
  • Each person writes a comment at the bottom of the paper, not letting anyone else see it
  • Fold the paper up so that the next person can’t read the comment
  • Pass the paper to the next person who writes their own comment based on the prompt at the top
  • When all the group have written on all the papers they can be mixed up then read aloud or handed to the teacher

Example prompts are:

  • Something I loved …
  • Something l learnt or would copy …
  • Something I would do to improve the lesson…
  • Something I have seen the teacher improve in…
  • Something I would like to know more about …
  • Overall I feel the lesson was…
  • I think learners would describe the lesson as…
  • Three words that describe the lesson are…

Secret feedback handout

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