For experienced TESOL teachers/trainers
 The session comes out of a very successful 2 – day professional development course we recently ran for senior EFL people. It will, of course, be abbreviated but the main aim is to share observation and feedback ideas with other experienced people.  We so often work alone, usually giving input and support so it’s great to have some input for ourselves.
Course dates
Tuesday 24 March    Midday GMT     Full
Thursday 26 March  Midday GMT     One place
Saturday 28 March  8am GMT             Space
Saturday 4 April       8 pm  GMT           Space
Watch this space as we are intending to put more sessions on
Lesson Observation and feedback course
Session timetable
  • Quick introductions and check everyone is ok with the system.
  • Introduction to checklist for lesson observation.  Link to the document at  You should download the document before the course.
  • Discussion: What is a good lesson?
  • Input on how to decide your key developmental  feedback points for a teacher
  • Short Video observation 1, pair discussion and group feedback
  • Video observation 2, pair discussion and group feedback
Technical stuff
You will need to download Zoom at You will also need a video camera and probably best to use a headset to reduce noise.
Once in the meeting
Come in and introduce yourself.  Once the sessions started I suggest you turn off your microphone when not speaking to reduce background noise but leave your camera on.
Useful material
I have a blog that has articles, tips and checklists on that you may find useful on:
Please email us at

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